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ZEJULA Voices Ambassadors

ZEJULA Voices Ambassadors are patients and care partners who have experience with ZEJULA. They've been where you are and want to share what they've learned, so you can listen to someone who knows what it's like.

Anne BRCA* status unknown

Staying Grateful With Anne
After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, Anne learned the true meaning of gratitude. Watch her story.

Debi BRCA-positive

Living Large With Debi
Debi has always had a taste for adventure. Learn how living with ovarian cancer has motivated her to continue making the most of each day.


If you or a loved one is considering, or has recently started ZEJULA, you may have some questions or may want to hear from someone with experience. You are not alone—ZEJULA Voices is here for you with free events that may help.

At an event presented by ZEJULA Voices, you can:

  • Connect with other women living with ovarian cancer
  • Learn how to be your best advocate, including hearing about support and resources that are available
  • Hear a ZEJULA Voices Ambassador share her personal story about living with ovarian cancer, navigating through challenges, and finding support
  • Listen to a healthcare professional describe maintenance treatment with ZEJULA, including the potential risks and benefits

Upcoming Events

Get informed and help take action against recurrent ovarian cancer by attending an event in your area.

  • Discover the facts about maintenance treatment with ZEJULA
  • Listen to a ZEJULA Voices Ambassador share her personal story about living with ovarian cancer and taking ZEJULA, navigating through challenges, and finding support
  • Hear a healthcare professional explain the possible benefits and risks of ZEJULA and provide answers to your questions
  • To register for a free educational program listed below, call 1-833-492-8853

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TOGETHER with GSK Oncology is a patient resource program that can assist with access issues related to ZEJULA

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*BRCA stands for breast cancer susceptibility gene. BRCA refers to particular genes that produce proteins that suppress tumors. BRCA proteins help repair damaged DNA in cells. You may hear the terms BRCA1 and BRCA2 proteins. Mutations in BRCA may mean that it no longer functions. A BRCA gene mutation can be inherited from a parent. When this happens, it is known as a germline BRCA (gBRCA) mutation. When there is a mutation in BRCA that is not passed from a parent to a child, it is called a somatic BRCA (sBRCA) mutation.

This means a change (also called a mutation) has been noted in the BRCA gene. A positive result does not mean that cancer will occur, but this puts you at a higher risk for certain cancers.

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