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CarrierThe company that provides your health insurance. This may also be referred to as insurer, insurance company, or payer.1

Case ManagerAn expert in various types of resources, generally related to your healthcare. Resources can be financial, emotional, or practical. For example, a case manager at TOGETHER with GSK Oncology could help you understand your options and the support for which you may be eligible.7

Co-insuranceYour share of a covered cost of your medical or pharmacy bill. It is usually a percentage. For example, your insurance may cover 80% of a treatment, so you will cover the remaining 20%.1

Complete Blood Count (CBC)Measures the cells in your blood, including red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. You will have regularly scheduled CBCs during treatment to help your doctor know if you need to change your dose of ZEJULA. This may also be called a blood count.14,15

Coordination of BenefitsIf you have 2 insurance companies, this process determines who pays for which portion of a claim.1

Co-payA fixed amount that your insurance requires you to pay for a specific service or treatment. For example, your insurance may require you to pay a certain amount when you visit your healthcare team. Your insurance will cover the amount that remains. This may also be called co-payment.16

Co-pay AssistanceA program run by independent third-party nonprofit organizations that is designed to help cover the co-payment for a medicine. In some cases, this is a program designed for people with Medicare or Medicaid who are not eligible for commercial co-pay assistance programs.

Cost SharingThe portion of your medical, pharmacy, or healthcare bill that you pay. This could include a co-payment, deductible, or co-insurance.1

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