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Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN)A notice that you could receive if Medicare is expected to deny payment. You may be responsible for the cost of services that Medicare does not cover.1

Adverse EventAn unexpected medical issue, such as a side effect, that occurs during or following a treatment. May also be called an adverse effect or an adverse reaction.2,3

Allowable ChargesThe dollar amount that an insurance company will pay for something like a medical visit or procedure.1

AnemiaWhen your blood has a low number of red blood cells or when the red blood cells don’t have enough hemoglobin, which is the protein that helps carry oxygen through the body.4,5

Annual MaximumThe maximum amount that an insurance company will cover for each patient per year. This may be a dollar amount, or it can be a limit on the number of treatments that insurance will cover.6

AppealIf your insurance company denies payment for a service or medicine, you or your doctor can file an appeal, a written notice to the insurance company stating that you and your doctor disagree with the decision to deny the service or medication coverage and providing medically justified reasoning.1

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